Finding Leads That Are "Just Right"

We offer a wide variety of offers to appeal to different types of business software buyers. Some offers are perfect for small businesses, others for enterprise companies, some are for businesses just beginning their software search, and others are for companies ready to start negotiating. Thanks to this mix of offers we are able to deliver leads to you that are just right for your requirements.

Offers That Get Attention

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Our Top 10 reports make it easier for business software buyers to build their short list. We write reports for dozens of software markets. Prospects that download Top 10 Reports are starting the buying cycle, looking to build their short list. Over 100,000 Top 10 reports are downloaded each year.
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In addition to our popular Top 10 reports we offer papers such as the “Insider’s Guide to Getting the Best CRM Deal" that help our visitors make a better purchase decision


Ask us to find the leads that are just right for your organization.