Media Kit

Gate58 Marketing LLC is a leading enterprise-tech media company based out of San Mateo, CA with operations in Chicago and Shanghai, China. Our mission is two fold  - to provide quality technology research and online content to help technology buyers make more informed purchase decisions and to help leading technology companies reach and engage highly qualified technology buyers. We help enterprise-tech companies generate meaningful pipeline revenue as well as generate significant brand awareness through our extensive reach in PR, search engines, social media, and online presence.

Key Clients:

Company Highlights

  • Buyer’s Research Reports: Gate58 offers exclusive technology related reports dubbed “Top 10” reports. Our 50+ reports cover a wide variety of business software segments and are read by over 500k business and IT professionals each year.
  • Lead Generation: Gate58’s pay-per-lead program connects leading technology companies with qualified and motivated business technology buyers.
  • Business Software Media Network: Gate58 operates over 50 media properties and is the fastest growing network of technology-themed websites including (see list to the right)

Marketing Services

  • Case Studies: Case studies are an important tool that companies use to build brand awareness while also informing their target audience about how the company’s products have already been successfully utilized by customers. We will write a brief description of your case studies and publish them to the sites in our media network that are relevant to your company.
  • White Papers: Having your white papers published on our sites will help spread the word of important updates your company has made to its products as well as other important company news. We will write a brief summary of the white paper and publish them on our sites.
  • Top 10 Report Inclusion: Each year, publishes industry related reports that highlight the top vendors in a particular software segment. These reports are on all the websites in the Business Software Media Network and are available to be downloaded by our visitors. Being included in the report helps to further increase the number of software buyers who see your company’s name and the products you offer.
  • Newsletter Sponsorship: Sponsor one of our newsletters and we will include your company’s logo, a brief paragraph and a link back to your site on every newsletter we send. Again, this helps to increase your brand awareness by exposing your company to motivated software buyers.
  • Fact Sheets: Having a fact sheet of your company’s products published on a third party site will help make sure your product’s important information is seen by a wider audience than just your site’s normal visitors. We will publish your product fact sheet on our sites.
  • Article Suggestions: As we continue to improve our sites by creating quality content, we are open to article suggestions from vendors. Articles should be about industry related topics that you feel are important to software buyers. If we choose to develop your topic suggestions, we will work your company’s name and products into the content. Also, if you have original articles you would like to post on our sites, you can submit them for review as well. If your article is used on our site, your company will be given full credit for creating the article including a link to your site.
  • Customer Wins: Did your company make a key acquisition or gain a prominent client? If so, let us know and we will write a blog post about your company’s success. Blog posts will be published on our blogs that are relevant to your company’s products.
  • Guest Blogging Opportunities: We welcome vendors to submit blog posts to us for consideration on our numerous blogs. Blog posts should be written about topics related to your industry and be written in 3rd person. While your company will receive full credit for the blog post, please refrain from sending us sales pitches about your company’s products. If your blog post meets our criteria, we will post it to our blog using your name and company as the author.
  • Announce Company Events: If your company is attending or hosting an industry related event, provide us with the details and we will create a blog post announcing the event or mentioning that your company will be attending the event.
  • Promote Webinars: If your company offers webinars, such as training webinars, your company can provide us with the information regarding the webinar or webinar series and we will write a blog post and publish it on our related blogs.
  • Videos: If your company has a product video or videos of your company’s CEO being interviewed, we will write a brief blog post and publish the video to our blogs. Types of videos can be members of your company being interviewed, product demonstrations or other informative videos. For a video to be considered for our site, it must be a neutral, non-sales video.
  • Podcasts: If you have podcasts about important industry topics or company news, we can post those to our network of blogs that are relevant to your company.
  • Industry Reports: If your company has conducted an industry survey or has completed a groundbreaking report, we can help promote your research by writing a blog post based on information that you have given us about the study.
  • Social Media: Help set up and manage corporate Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages to help vendors gain a presence in the social networks.


  • The Business Software Media Network covers United States, Canada, UK, Philippines, Australia, Thailand, India, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand and many other countries.
  • We target IT directors and Managers as well as purchase decision makers and purchase influencers.