Gate58 Marketing Achieves a Record 2008

Top Enterprise Technology Companies Turning to Gate58 for Lead Generation Services

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) February 2, 2009 -- Gate58 Marketing, LLC (Gate58), a leading provider of lead generation services to enterprise technology companies, announced record results for 2008. Annualized sales for the period increased by more than 300% for the second year in a row, reflecting Gate58's proven ability to build the sales pipelines of CRM, ERP, and IT management technology companies.

Founded in late 2006, Gate58's business has accelerated even as technology companies deal with a difficult business environment. "Faced with diminished budgets and smaller marketing departments, our marketing clients count on us to reduce their lead generation costs by one-third or more and to provide a steady flow of qualified prospects to meet sales goals," said Sherman Hsieh, President and CEO of Gate58.
The company's strong financial performance has been fueled by rapid customer growth, exploding online traffic, the launch of a B2B media-sharing community, international expansion, leadership appointment, and strong customer retention rates.

Rapid Customer Growth
Gate58 generates leads for more than 60 leading technology companies whose solutions span CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP, Content Management, IT Management and other technology segments. New customer acquisitions during 2008 put Gate58 in the position of working with the largest software companies in the world: six of the top 10 CRM companies, six of the top 10 ERP companies and five of the top 10 Content Management companies.

Hsieh attributes much of Gate58's success to its focus on delivering measurable ROI. "We've built a network of websites focused exclusively on helping technology buyers to research, compare and connect with technology vendors. By addressing the needs of the technology buyers, we are able to deliver highly qualified leads at a very reasonable cost." Christopher Bartik, Director of Marketing for CrownPeak, recognizes this value. "We've worked with a variety of lead generation vendors and have found that Gate58 consistently delivers the highest ROI," he said.

Exploding Website Traffic
Gate58's popular has seen its website traffic grow by 10 times over the last 12 months, growing at the rate of 30% quarter on quarter. is fast becoming the leading online destination for technology buyers to conduct their research. Software prospects from are highly qualified. Marti Pozzi, Senior Vice President of Sales for Intacct software, notes that Gate58's leads quickly became a big hit with Intacct's sales team. "Our sales people look forward to Gate58 leads. They know the prospect will be qualified and actively looking to purchase accounting software."

International Expansion
To support their client's global sales goals, Gate58's program is now available in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand and Africa. Launch
In December 2008, Gate58 announced the launch of VendorDemo, a free B2B media-sharing community where technology buyers and sellers interact with each other by watching, sharing, and reviewing software demos, videos, webinars, white papers, and literature.

Expansion of Senior Leadership Team
Anthony Castellino joined Gate58 as Vice President of Business Development. Castellino has 15 years of executive management experience in global technology sales and marketing with publicly traded enterprise software companies such as Oracle and Siebel Systems.

Strong Customer Retention
Gate58's lead quality and customer service contribute to a customer retention rate of more than 90%. David Gaber, Sales Manager for TechExcel, counts on Gate58 to meet his company's sales goals. "We've tried every online, offline and paid lead program we can find, and nothing else comes close to delivering the quantity and quality of Gate58 leads. We purchase every lead that fits our criteria."
Gate58 was founded by enterprise marketing executives to help software marketers generate quality leads at a lower cost. "Many of the available pay-per-lead programs in the market today simply do not provide positive ROI. We know this because we personally tried them before. That's why we started Gate58 to truly provide a service that enterprise technology marketers can rely on. Our growth in 2008 tells us that we are on the right track," concludes Hsieh.

About Gate58 Marketing, LLC
Gate58 is a high-volume source of quality leads for technology firms of all sizes. The company's pay-per-lead services help clients reduce the cost of lead acquisition by more than one-third and also increase their sales pipeline. Gate58's network of business software websites attract thousands of visitors each day. These sites include,, and Founded by enterprise software marketers, Gate58 is headquartered in San Mateo, CA with offices in Chicago and Shanghai and is privately funded. More information is available at